In a technology-driven society, nothing is more important than the protection of your personal and business data. J&D Computers will come on-site to analyze your operating system and applications. By performing a complete and professional Network Security Audit, we will be able to uncover possible security holes, communication errors and computer application weaknesses. Preventing problems before they occur will save your company time and money as well as improve your daily work efficiency.

The J&D Network Security Audit provides you with important information including:
  • A vulnerability report, with vulnerabilities ranked by impact
  • Antivirus overview
  • Server and PC hardware audit
  • Software and Hardware incompatibility awareness
  • Windows update assessments
  • Detect unnecessary shares and open ports
  • Wireless node and link detection
  • Backup strategy analysis and recommendations
  • Translation of cryptic error log messages

Let J&D Computers resolve your IT challenges and provide your business with safe, secure and functional backup and storage solutions. We look forward to working with you and your business!
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